Oryx Salt Refill Box - 250g (12 pack)

Oryx Salt Refill Box - 250g (12 pack)


A beautiful 250g Coarse Salt refill box from Oryx Desert Salt (12 pack). 


Perfect for re-filling our Oryx Salt Grinders. 


Oryx Desert Salt is 100% pure & uncontaminated - harvested from two converging subterranean streams in the Kalahari desert. Sun-dried under the 47°C desert sun, each salt crystal traps essential natural minerals and trace elements that are readily absorbed by the body. 


These pure underground streams do not contain any microplastics (a common problem occurring in some of the world's sea salt) or micro traces of dynamite (increasingly found in Himalayan salt). 


Our ceramic grinder mechanisms and glass bottles can be refilled & re-used over 20 times, saving needless waste ending up in landfill. We print directly onto the glass bottles to save further on plastic or paper useage. 


Pure. Sustainable. Delicious. 


RRP £2.99