Oryx Braai BBQ Seasoning Refill Box - 125g (12 pack)

Oryx Braai BBQ Seasoning Refill Box - 125g (12 pack)


A beautiful 125g Braai BBQ Salt refill box from Oryx Desert Salt (12 pack). 


A classic South African BBQ seasoning, Braai is a staple for the best tasting meats, veg & sides you've ever had! Our Braai Salt mingles well, being a fabulous blend of pure, natural, sun-dried Oryx Desert Salt, garlic, sun-dried tomato, masala, coriander, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, turmeric, cumin, all spice and just a touch of sugar. 


She’s hot, but she won’t burn.  Fragrant with a punchy profile, don’t let her horns mislead you – she’s not sharp, just spicy!


Perfect for re-filling our Oryx Braai Shakers. 


Our ceramic grinder mechanisms and glass bottles can be refilled & re-used over 20 times, saving needless waste ending up in landfill. We print directly onto the glass bottles to save further on plastic or paper useage. 


Reduce. Re-use. Real Value. 


RRP £3.99